The Impossible Project

Momentum Exhibition: The Impossible Project


Each photograph Is by a different artist. Photographer name is under each photo. 

Heaven & Hell: Jen Trausch & Eli Fernald

Photographer: Jen Trausch & Eli Fernald Jen Trausch & Eli FernaldJen Trausch & Eli Fernald

Impossible Color: Begins

As i am sure we know by now i love promoting the Impossible project, and, Tomorrow, July 29, The Impossible will release the First Flush Edition of their new color instant film -  the re-invention of the highly complex instant color system

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Impossible Color:

Photographer: Bjorn Tagemose, Christoph Morlinghaus, Frederic Guelaff, Herve Plumet, Jan Van Endert, Julia Fullerton, Laurent Humbert , Louis Gaillard, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Michael Schnabel

Ok so i am all about trying to promote the impossible project. I love taking photos with polaroids, and it my hope that the more they sale the lower the prices will get ( so expensive!)  But i also love that they are continually experimenting with the films trying to fix promblems, or make them better. Anways, here is the knew "beta films for the upcoming color film being released july 29th.

O last thing, i thought this was especially cool. They are hoping to get their own designed camera out to market soon, and they are asking for input *so you could actually have some sway in how this thing comes out!

heres the link for that