Underworld: Riding that SOUL train

Photographer: Tasso Vrettos

Ok so i am in love with this magazine. it is absolutely amazing, and i have written to the Editor-in-Chief to see if we might find some way to showcase some more of their work. I haven't heard back, but i am going to include 2 emails. The Editor-in-Chief, and the Assoc. Editor-in-Chief.  I am going to beg everyone to write to them and ask them if you can see more of their work on Icon_ology! I know everyone will love the images that this magazine produces.

Editor-In-Chief: Vaya Matzarogiou; E-mail

Assoc. Editor-In-Chief: Dimitris Karathanos; E-mail

Please please please!!!


S.O.U.L Magazine: Rihanna

Model: Rhianna

SOUL Magazine

So i swear i am not obsessed with Rihanna, she just happened to be on that SOUL magazine that i AM obsessed with. I am trying to get ahold of someone from the office to see if we cant get some more good stuff from them.