Capitol of Sorrow

directed by Robertino Fonseca
featuring clothes by Louis Verdad
photography by August Bradley
original music score by Arturo Solar.

Clippings – No. 1

  I past through a lot of images in a weeks time, a lot noteworthy pictures without sources or collections.  I usually scrapbook it all on my Tumblr.

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All the Clippings After the JUMP

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Photographer: Michael Thompson
W Magazine October 2006
Models: Freja Beha , Sasha Pivovarova, Irina Lazareanu & Milana

Lorick Fall/Winter 2009 LookBook

Photographer: Tom Hines
Art/Design Director: Roanne Adams
Channeling the themes of French New Wave film The Bride Wore Black while incorporating "Hitchcock's narrative sensibilities," the images are dark, uncannily eerie shots of girls lying on ice cubes and roaming around ghostly estates, all the while wearing gauzy skirts that billow up in the wind. The narrative eventually ends in death, a pretty gruesome end to this pretty fairy tale. How utterly cinematic. -Refinery29

Supreme 2009 SS Lookbook

Supreme 2009 Spring/Summer Lookbook
featured in Cool Trans Magazine April 2009 (Japan)
Model: A-ron (Founder of aNYthing)