Life in Haiti by Leclerc Brothers

Shot on the Canon 5D MKII and Glidetrack shooter.


Really beautiful visually captivating video.  There is only one glimpse that shows this might have been shot post-earthquake, but it shows less of the city life and more of the rural areas of Haiti. 

The choice in music, not entirely of my liking, I rather that music in the context of a film placed in the Roman Empire or in the unfortunately canceled NBC series Kings, but not to represent Haiti.


70 days later in Haiti

"In a country still mourning the loss of a now-estimated 230,000 citizens, over one million people remain housed in makeshift tent cities, uncertain about their future or security."

Its good to see a photographic update on my country's well being but it sad to see that their current situation is far from over.

Don't hesitate to see the full set of photos on Boston's Big Picture which has descriptions that can bring clarity to the events in these images.