Scott Teplin's Alphabet City

Artist: Scott Teplin

From the head and hand of master draftsman Scott Teplin comes a series of 26 dream-houses fashioned after our alphabet. Explore in each a bizarre, miniaturized constellation of bed rooms, drawing rooms, fantasy swimming pools, mysterious laboratories, personal ice cream parlors, gambling halls, nuclear reactors, and oozing phenomena of unknown consequence. Each crisp drawing pops from its page in a field of floating color.

Nike Paper Battlefield

Advertising Agency: McCANN WORLDGROUP Causeway Bay, HONG KONG

Competing in and being a part of the most prestigious and competitive Nike League is the dream of every aspiring young basketballer. It is also an opportunity for the teens to show off their skills. So we took the spirit of competition and literally translated it into posters. Images of the top ten players with their individual skill were used as printing templates. The players were invited to our silkscreen workshop to print their image on top of each other. They handmade 350 posters. The posters became the battlefield; the random cross-printing, the battles. More importantly, the process conveyed our message.