Bali by Agan Harahap

Photographer: Agan Harahap


here on Icon_ we are definitely trying to extend the summer feel even with our posting.

Mexico by Anna Bond

Photographer: Anna Melcon Bond

in the yucatan - playa del carmen, tulum, izamal and a few places in between.


With my last few posts, I guess I am in travelling mood with the summer quickly approaching.

Cuba by Reto Caduff

Photographer: Reto Caduff

Swiss Born, LA Based Photographer

Costa Rica by Luke Ighile

Photographer: Luke Ighile

Arenal Volcano and San Jose Costa Rica

Meet My Friend The Sadhu by Roy Jox

Photographer: Roy Jox

In Hinduism, sadhu, or shadhu is a common term for a mystic, an ascetic, practitioner of yoga (yogi) and/or wandering monks. The sadhu is solely dedicated to achieving the fourth and final Hindu goal of life, moksha (liberation), through meditation and contemplation of Brahman. Sadhus often wear ochre-colored clothing, symbolizing renunciation. -wikipedia