Vans Syndicate x Luke Meier, Short Film

Simply, Wow....

The film was directed by Kahlil Joseph, in collaboration with Luke Meier. It was shot using the RED ONE as well as the Phantom HD systems.

Written and Directed by: Kahlil Joseph
Music by: Flying Lotus and Melvin Gibbs
Photographed by: Matthew J. Lloyd
Produced by: Omid Fatemi
Co-produced by: Funk Factory Films
Executive Produced By: Luke Meier and Chris Gibbs
Skaters: Chioke Daudi Stuckey, Ben Randolph and Zachary Zaragoza
Edited by: Kahlil Joseph, Sean Shafer, Aaron Morris and Luke Lynch
Costume/Production Designer: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes
Optical Titles: Sebastian Pardo
Camera Assist: Trevor Funk

Shot on location in Seattle, WA


Around the World in 2,000 Pictures: Alex Profit


GTLK: Andrey Muratov


The Call by Roberto Badin

Short Film by Photographer/Director Roberto Badin (


The Plastic Slipper by Joseph Marconi

Photographer: Joseph Marconi

Model/Actress: Christina Rose

Music by Sleepy Sun, "New Age"

"The concept is what took some time, finding a way to make a provocative, yet fun, video about a woman constructing an empty and plastic relationship. "

Castor & Pollux by Ben Briand

Photographer and Director: Ben Briand

Client: Benah

Castor & Pollux Lookbook Spring Summer 09/10

Ryan McGinley - Entrance Romance (it felt like a kiss)

Director: Photographer Ryan McGinley
Model: Carolyn Murphy

Shot with a Phantom camera, super slow motion shots of over 1,000 frames per second are achieved and interwoven with some unusual scenes.

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