Ellen von Unwerth + Christina Aguilera

Another interesting pair up with miss Ellen Von Unwerth


R.I.P McQueen

So sad to see this happen. I loved watching the videos of the fashion shows, they were just amazing.
Here is also an interview

PlayStation is more than a Lifestyle choice by R.J. Shaugnessy

Photographer: R.J. Shaugnessy

Agency: Exposure

Brand: Sony Playstation

If you are wondering if we got paid to this post, I wish... I love how they are pushing this gadget brand to look more with it.  Plus it doesn't hurt that RJ's Photography has that Terry Richardson Snapshot aesthetic, Can I please have some more white walls and shadows, no seriously its the equivalent to having more cowbell just in the photography world.

"The sequence of images were captured over a 3 day shoot covering studio, domestic and outdoor locations in and around LA. We shot a lot. The images we see here are merely a fraction of the final body of work. We believe in art direction that provides a fluid structure. Parameters are important but they should not be allowed to cage the magic." -exposure

Dubai Sky

Pretty cool video of Dubai shot over a 5 day period.Found at LikeCool.Com


...And God Created Woman featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw

Photographer: Max Doyle
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Vogue Australia May 2009

This collection was completely inspired by the 1957 classic by the same name. I like how thy reenacted the most controversial scene in the movie, the 'Devil's Dance.'  Apparently dancing barefoot on tables was sinful

The Story Beyond The Still: The Cabbie by Vincent Laforet

Chapter 1 of 7 for Canon's HD Video Contest: The Story Beyond The Still

directed by Vincent Laforet

When I was asked to interpret this still, a thousand different ideas flooded my mind. I wanted to create a dynamic film that took the audience on a journey and showed off the many strengths of this new breed of HD DSLR cameras, such as the Canon 7D, which we shot this film with. The camera's low light capabilities and light weight allow you to do things you'd never think to try with traditional cameras. This has been an amazing experience and it’s just the beginning, because the film you are about to see is merely the first chapter of something greater, as it ends on a still of its own. That's where you come in and run with it. Bringing your own narrative and stylistic interpretations to my still as you create Chapter 2. -VL

Watch the Behind the Scenes HERE

**Submissions for the next chapter are due Feb 11: Using the last still from this film which you can download on the contest page:

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UK Esquire’s Moving Cover

“You’ve already seen this month’s Rachel Weisz cover, but you haven’t yet seen our ‘digital’ version. As the first UK magazine to use a prototype of the next generation Red One digital camera to produce a moving cover, all we can say is that it’s a shame Rachel had a problem with the zip. We’ll have more behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot later in the week.” – Esquire UK

Photographed by Greg Williams

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 By Yibi HuSo its strange this video is similar (in content) to the King Rat video i posted up by modest mouse that was directed by Heath Ledger drugs for Artsy People


Video: Jay-Z Ft. Swizz Beatz – On To The Next One

usually this is a post for our other site but for this case, I feel Jay-Z's new video will have better justice on Icon_.  Honestly I will admit I don't understand all or any of the visual references in this video, but both ways it was gorgeously executed. As a Hip-hop fan it really makes me proud to see people still pushing the limit on their music videos.

Directed by Sam Brown

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