Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Fetish Meetings: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Photographer: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

"A friend from our hometown introduced a journalist friend and I to some underground parties in Miami and NYC. He provided some latex
outfits for both of us since it was the "dress code". Olivia, the journalist documenting the parties, was dressed as a sexy wonderwoman and i was dressed as a Latex Rambo..
This project was presented at the Italian Institute of culture
12th march 2008."

L.A. Gun Club: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Photographer: Alessandro Zuek Simonetti


Los Angeles Gun Club

I spent two days inside of this indoor shooting range in Downtown Los
Angeles. U can rent any kind of handgun or shotgun available on the market, plus u can learn there. The only obligation for entry is your I'd and a second person. Clients entering alone are a liability as they are free to commit suicide easily.
Anyone under the age of 21 is welcome to shoot but only with guardian supervision and there is no limit to size or caliber of gun for the children. I saw every kind of
person, from the hollywood actor to motorcycle gang members, a
japanese couple to a military man. The Shooting Range is located in a
part of the city between the business center and East LA, the poor
part of the city. The Gun Club became a point ofmeeting between these two