Cory Kennedy

Muse: Cory Kennedy


Photographed by Guy Aroch

I am unsure of Cory’s current popularity, but it was not to long ago she was the internet’s It Girl, being pictured heavily on  While still in High School she was spending her time with the likes of Vincent Gallo, DJ Steve Aoki, and photographer Mark ‘The CobraSnake’ Hunter.

I stumbled on to this image on this new Tumblr: and I actually thought the above image was something from back and the day.  I was very surprised to find out how recent it was and that it was Cory pictured.

**Web Tip: If you want to back referenced an image you found via the web, best site to use is, It is a reverse image search.  Right now its still a little hit or miss, but once they get bigger and their index grows more rapidly this site will become an invaluable tool for anyone searching out info on photography and art that stumble on to on the net.


images via Muse Management