Damien Krisl

Amphitrite - Underwater Goddess: Damien Krisl

In ancient Greek mythology, Amphitrite was a sea-goddess and wife of Poseidon. Under the influence of the Olympian pantheon, she became merely the consort of Poseidon, and was further diminished by poets to a symbolic representation of the sea. The clip shows the invocation of the goddess.

Director: Damien Krisl
Underwater Cameraoperator: Joël Cartier
Produced by: Eclumes Studios
Associate Director: Laurids Jensen
Associate Producer: Tobias Straka
Lightning Supervisor: Oliver Muff
Grip: Nicolas Christakis
Assistent: Johannes Diboky
Technical Supervisor: Martin Bäbler
Developer Underwater-Case: Walter Bäbler
Model: Albe Hamiti (Tune)
Designer: Patrick Sonberger
Hair & Make Up: Ana Lucic
Chief Diver: Martin Jantz
Assistant Diver: Dirk Doertzbach
Assistant Diver 2: Klemens Trenkle
Delineator Logo: Joel Periat