Ryan McGinley

Somewhere Place by Ryan McGinley

Photographer: Ryan McGinley

Photos taken from "Somewhere Place" & "Life Adjustment Center"

Ryan McGinley - Entrance Romance (it felt like a kiss)

Director: Photographer Ryan McGinley
Model: Carolyn Murphy

Shot with a Phantom camera, super slow motion shots of over 1,000 frames per second are achieved and interwoven with some unusual scenes.

via HypeBeast > NOWNESS


The Free Fall with Agyness Deyn by Ryan McGinley

Photographer: Ryan McGinley

Model: Agyness Deyn

Pop Magazine Fall 2008


Really, WOW.  I just love how Ryan McGinely doesn't hold back with creating crazy photographic experiences when doing a fashion shot, plus I love Agyness's willingness to jump out of a building to create these great photographs.

Ryan McGinley for Missoni


I sense a lot of hate brewing… Ryan went ‘commercial’.. Ryan said he wouldn’t do fashion…

I don’t want to hear it.  Just seat back and enjoy a master at his craft do his thing.  I can’t help to notice its missing the true flair of a McGinley photo, the colors and almost journalistic photo reporting, but these still have a good idea of movement and travel which are the basis of all McGinley’s work.

Missoni F/W 09.10

Models: Hanne Gaby Odiele & Devin Childers





Ryan McGinley - DASH SNOW (1981-2009)

Photographer:Ryan McGinley

Ryans Words about dash:

"Heroin, oh heroin, oh heroin. Taken the lives of so many great artists. Taken so many of my friends’ lives. I don’t know if you’re not supposed to write about drugs when one of your friends dies of an overdose, but those are all my memories of Dash. Drug and alcohol induced memories. It’s always been a bottle of Jack, a bag of coke, and some beers. And lots of bathrooms. That was just our relationship. That’s what our lives were. Adventures on drugs. And it’s what eventually led him to his death. "