The Garden of Earthly Delights by Laurie Lipton

Artist: Laurie Lipton

I really love Laurie art work, it starts from conveying some of the most spooky scenes with such minuet detail and with a harsh tonality driven by use of charcoal and pencil.  Definitely check the rest of work on her site, and read All the Titles of her work, they clarify her imagery in a satircal way.

Outline my City by Kevin Haas

Artist: Kevin Haas


It's just amazing how Kevin created depth and complexity through the minimal process of layering outlines.

Little Invasion: Dmitry Maximov

Artist: Dmitry Maximov

I cant help myself from loving Dmitry's work. I posted some of his stuff a little while back

Check it out here

Bouche by Julia Randall

Artist: Julia Randall

Title: Lick Line

Drawn with colored pencils.

Platonic Crush by Kelsey Henderson

Artist: Kelsey Henderson


..Lying at the heart of her work, the emphasis on the skin enables the artist to continue exploring the idea of the Platonic Crush, an attraction to beauty devoid of sex, ignoring gender and embracing physical and emotional flaws...