Young Celebrities

Photographer: Various

Okay, so the ones that get me the most are the last 3 images of Manson, especially the last one

The Mighty Mos Def By Cognito

Photographer: Cognito

Ok so this is absolutely amazing, i wish i was in LA so i could go see this. I hope that he comes out with a book bc i love Mos Def and these images are beautiful.

Angelina by Brad

Photographer: Brad Pitt

So these are a bit old, but i wanted to post them a long time ago, and i just forgot.


Natalie Portman for Elle Magazine

Photographer: David Slijper

Title: Bohemian Rhapsody

Elle UK Febuary 2009

Penelope Cruz: Annie Leibovitz

Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

So i know JRameau is going to give me an earful for posting so much today, but i posted the Tiger Wood by Annie Leibovitz on Facebook and then i found these and i just had to put them up


S.O.U.L Magazine: Rihanna

Model: Rhianna

SOUL Magazine

So i swear i am not obsessed with Rihanna, she just happened to be on that SOUL magazine that i AM obsessed with. I am trying to get ahold of someone from the office to see if we cant get some more good stuff from them.