Patterned Self Image by Ann Marshall

Artist: Ann Marshall

Most of her work are beautifully crafted with Pastels and Paper Collaging.

Trying to Find Another by Gabi Trinkaus

Artist: Gabi Trinkaus


I love the magazine patchwork done on these images, it reminds me of the Truman Show where Jim Carrey continues to hide out in the basement trying to recreate the face of his 1st love.

Posters by Morning Breath Inc.

All these posters were made by Morning Breathe Inc. (It took me a minute to realize what their company name meant, Stanky.)


All prints available for purchase on their site.

War and Peace by Brandon Mclean

Artist: Brandon Mclean

14 page collage zine. On altered children's book .2010

Detailed Strips by Brandon Mclean

Artist: Brandon Mclean

Hopefully if you get any sublime messages from Mclean's work it would be to start your day eating a bowl of Corn Flakes and listening to the jazz styles of the great Thelonious Monk.

Mixed Messages by Brandon Mclean

Artist: Brandon Mclean

These are beautiful collages to skim through, but I would recommend taking a second look to examine what scrapping came together to create these pieces.

Cover Your Face - James Gallagher

Artist: James Gallagher


James uses collage to investigate human form and personal identity. Piecing together images cut from found material– old books, National Geographic, and the occasional sex manual– Gallagher creates intimate scenes that are both personal and moving.