Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld

I really enjoyed this short film for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld.  Even though its main intent was to showcase Chanel's upcoming line-up, I still think it keep its cinematic integrity.  I really love the simplicity of the piece, where they didn't try to hard to push issues, but instead just gave us a somewhat voyeuristic view of a moment in time, and alone that was justification by itself.  I do like the idea they were going with, try to show the dichotomy between ages.  Other then that the ending could feel a little abrupt, but it aligns with the idea of just showcasing that "moment" and worrying about the surrounding context of the story.

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DACE Fall 2010, Video LookBook

This video is beautifully showcasing DACE's upcoming Fall collection with the colorful imagery of the talented André Paul Pinces.

Co-directed by: Andre Pinces and Ryan Rey

Music: 'Bulle' by Lili: myspace.com/lilibulle



Jessica Stam x Terry Richardson for Aldo

Photographer: Terry Richardson

Model: Jessica Stam

Aldo Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook


This Terry latest commercial work with the beautiful Jessica Stam, this collection contains a lot of usual motifs that make up a Terry Richardson shot, including ice cream.

"And your mother, too" Band of Outsiders Spring 2010

Band of Outsiders' Spring 2010 Lookbook Polaroids

featuring Leslie Mann, Donald Glover, & Dave Franco (Jame's little brother)


If you look at our archive you can easily notice I took a liking to Band of Outsiders' lookbooks, they always feature an actor having fun within the influence of some Godard-ian film, and oh yeah they are always photograph on Polaroids, nice touch.

I am still wondering what film influnced this series, the title I choose is losely based off the Mexican film "Y tu mamá también," which features to young guys on an adventure with their older object of desire.  Maybe there is some Jules et Jim action happening to, but thats up for discussion....