Muse: Alice Dellal


photographed by Robert Maxwell

I came across this image while browsing the NY Times T Magazine site (check it out I like the new layout).  I definitely love how extreme her look is and how she is captured makes her punk style come off really elegant.  NY times coined her the ‘Punk Debutante’ and that is expressed well in this photograph.

She may be well heeled, but Alice Dellal is more mosh pit than posh git. ‘‘I love ’90s grunge and punk,’’ she says. Which only half explains the half-shaved mane, the nose ring, the well-worn brothel creepers and the ripped tights. For the London-based Dellal, a favorite of Vogue Paris and photographers like Nick Knight, rock and fashion are her patrimony: Uncle Mick (as in Jagger) and Uncle Mario (as in Testino) are her godfathers. ‘‘My family influences me a lot,’’ says the 21-year-old scenester. So what do her nearest and dearest think of her mowed tresses? ‘‘Some people hate it,’’ she admits, and ‘‘some people love it. It used to be a lot smaller, but it’s got bigger and bigger.’ –NY times August 2008

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All Time Muse: Scarlett Johansson for D&G

After the all the 'muse of the moment' posts on Scarlett Johansson, I have given her All-Time status, hopefully next year we will get better with the muse postings.

This is an ad for Dolce & Gabbana's L’eau the One Perfume.

found via Fashion Copious

Muse: Cory Kennedy


Photographed by Guy Aroch

I am unsure of Cory’s current popularity, but it was not to long ago she was the internet’s It Girl, being pictured heavily on  While still in High School she was spending her time with the likes of Vincent Gallo, DJ Steve Aoki, and photographer Mark ‘The CobraSnake’ Hunter.

I stumbled on to this image on this new Tumblr: and I actually thought the above image was something from back and the day.  I was very surprised to find out how recent it was and that it was Cory pictured.

**Web Tip: If you want to back referenced an image you found via the web, best site to use is, It is a reverse image search.  Right now its still a little hit or miss, but once they get bigger and their index grows more rapidly this site will become an invaluable tool for anyone searching out info on photography and art that stumble on to on the net.


images via Muse Management


Muse of the Moment: Natalia Vodianova


Russian born model Natalia Vodianova, photographed by Mario Testino

for Vogue UK May 2008 "To Russia With Love"

view the full collection @Foto_decadent

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Muse: Zooey Deschanel


Our muse of the moment is Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel, that is uniquely amazing.

follow one of her Fan's tumblr

After the JUMP watch her in a Ad for COTTON



Muse: Bat for Lashes – Natasha Khan


I found this image while was browsing through Tyler Askew’s blog.

Natasha has been popping up a lot, probably because of her new album, “Two Suns.”  But also for her ultra hip music videos, like “Daniel” and “What’s a Girl To Do” (Which keeps on remerging on blogs as new find, but its hot song and video, so it deserves being treated as a found treasure.)


AFTER The Jump I have added a Collection of her Music Videos.


Muse of the Day: Scarlett Johansson


This is all over the net, titled as unknown silent movie.  To me this is a really nice animated gif (2.4mb ouchers, it would be better as a flash video).

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