Portraits: Jeremy/Claire Weiss

Photographer:  Jeremy/Claire Weiss

I love how the random celebrities that show up are placed in there with people we wouldn't know.

Impossible Color: Begins

As i am sure we know by now i love promoting the Impossible project, and, Tomorrow, July 29, The Impossible will release the First Flush Edition of their new color instant film -  the re-invention of the highly complex instant color system

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The Pastoral: Laura Alice Watt

Photographer: Laura Aice Watt

I want to thank Kelly Knaga for sending us these links!

Andrew Garfield in Band of Outsiders.

Actor: Andrew Garfield
Band of Outsiders
Shot in Mt. Baldy, CA.
July 6th, 2010.


This is the guy that is slated to be the next Peter Parker and he is starring in the upcoming David Fincher movie about facebook "the Social Network"