Impossible Color:

Photographer: Bjorn Tagemose, Christoph Morlinghaus, Frederic Guelaff, Herve Plumet, Jan Van Endert, Julia Fullerton, Laurent Humbert , Louis Gaillard, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Michael Schnabel

Ok so i am all about trying to promote the impossible project. I love taking photos with polaroids, and it my hope that the more they sale the lower the prices will get ( so expensive!)  But i also love that they are continually experimenting with the films trying to fix promblems, or make them better. Anways, here is the knew "beta films for the upcoming color film being released july 29th.

O last thing, i thought this was especially cool. They are hoping to get their own designed camera out to market soon, and they are asking for input *so you could actually have some sway in how this thing comes out!

heres the link for that http://www.the-impossible-project.com/camera/

1 Photo, Everyday, 19 years: Jamie Livingston

Photographer: Jamie Livingston

Ok, so this is the coolest thing ever. this guy has taken a polaroid everyday for 19 years! its absolutely amazing

I could literally spend hours looking through these images. its like a calendar .

amazing stuff!

*mix up, so the Original photographer was Jamie Livingston and the work is Hugh Crawford's project is organizing preserving and presenting his work*


365 Ways to say goodbye: Jo Bradford

Photographer: Jo Bradford

These are absolutely amazing! you have to visit the websites we provided because the whole series is just beautiful

Fragments of a City by Ed Fella

Photographer: Ed Fella

This is some Polaroids by the graphic designer Ed Fella, if you want to get more acquainted with him watch this short documentary HERE.

The impossible made possible

There is a lot, but they are all great.
Alison Garnett (CAN) Ani Asvazadurian (AT) Aurélien Dumont (FRA) Beppe Bolchi (ITA) Boris Zuliani (FRA) Brian Henry (USA) carmendevos (BEL) Chloe Aftel (USA) Claire B. (FRA)
Dan Ryan (UK) Danny Clinch (USA) Didier Le Pecheur (FRA) Emilie Le Fellic (FRA) Filippo Centenari (ITA) Grant Hamilton (USA)
Heather Champ (USA) Holger Homann (GER) Jake Chessum (USA) Jeff Hutton (USA)
Jeff Sutter (USA) Jennifer Rumbach (GER) Jeremy Kost (USA) Jessica Hibbard (USA) Josh Goleman (USA) Justin Craigen (USA) Laura A. Watt (USA) Leah Reich (USA) Lia Sáile (GER) Lindsay Josal (USA) Nancy L. Stockdale (USA)
Philippe Garcia (FRA) Pino Valgimigli (ITA) Rebecca Rust (CH) Rhiannon Adam (UK) Richard Bevan (UK) Sean Tubridy (USA) Simone Frignani (ITA) Stefanie Schneider (GER) Steph Parke (USA)
Zora Strangefields (GER)

Riva Polaroids by Gutschera & Osthoff

Photographer: Sonja Gutschera & Leif Henrik Osthof

Ocean Magazin


This is where Annieves and I defer, he liked the video and I love this set of polaroids, which seems to be taken on an amazing looking Chris Craft Boat.