"And your mother, too" Band of Outsiders Spring 2010

Band of Outsiders' Spring 2010 Lookbook Polaroids

featuring Leslie Mann, Donald Glover, & Dave Franco (Jame's little brother)


If you look at our archive you can easily notice I took a liking to Band of Outsiders' lookbooks, they always feature an actor having fun within the influence of some Godard-ian film, and oh yeah they are always photograph on Polaroids, nice touch.

I am still wondering what film influnced this series, the title I choose is losely based off the Mexican film "Y tu mamá también," which features to young guys on an adventure with their older object of desire.  Maybe there is some Jules et Jim action happening to, but thats up for discussion....

Ni-na by Franck Juery

Photographer: Franck Juery

French photographer

Series shot with a Polaroid SX-70

Another Look at Hana Davies

Photographer: Hana Davies

So, i posted Hana Davies before, its great work that has gotten a lot of views. I felt we should definitely post some more of her work.

Jason Schwartzman in Band of Outsiders Pt.2 - Fall 2009

Actor, Jason Schwartzman fully clothed in Band of Outsiders' Fall 2009 collection.

Inspired by Godard's La Chinoise