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The Traveler - Bat For Lashes

Photographer: Leonie Purchas
Musician: Natasha Khan, Bat for Lashes
Fader Issue 60 - March/April 2009
(p. 62-69)
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"I needed to reach out to some kind of objectivity, some universal cosmic something." -Bat for Lashes

Muse: Bat for Lashes – Natasha Khan


I found this image while was browsing through Tyler Askew’s blog.

Natasha has been popping up a lot, probably because of her new album, “Two Suns.”  But also for her ultra hip music videos, like “Daniel” and “What’s a Girl To Do” (Which keeps on remerging on blogs as new find, but its hot song and video, so it deserves being treated as a found treasure.)


AFTER The Jump I have added a Collection of her Music Videos.



Creators: Casey Reas and Ben Fry
The Bubble Chamber is a generative painting system of imaginary colliding particles. A single super-massive collision produces a discrete universe of four particle types. Particles draw their positions over time as pixel exposures.
This project was created for a November 2003 exhibition within the Proccessing gallery. This online exhibit features a collection of inspiring works demonstrating the awesome powers of the Processing environment, created by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.

Four types of particles exist. The behavior and graphic appearance of each particle type is unique. A more complete description can be found in the particle classes located within the source code.
No simulation of quantum phenomena is being attempted here. The particle names have been borrowed to ease personalization of the objects.

Each collision event contains approximately 216 random calculations and over 1 billion pixels of information. This potent combination reveals a system with a lifetime of variation. Every collision creates an entirely unique rendering.

Clippings – No. 1

  I past through a lot of images in a weeks time, a lot noteworthy pictures without sources or collections.  I usually scrapbook it all on my Tumblr.

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All the Clippings After the JUMP

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