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Photographer: Phil Poynter
Vogue Germany May 2008

‘it Girl for the Moment… Chloe Sevigny


I think many formally remember this it girl as Jennie from the 1995 Harmony Korine written film “Kids” and later in a scene with her ex boyfriend Vicent Gallo in “The Brown Bunny.”  She has been one to always exude personally with her style, so I mark her as the 1st ‘it girl for the moment.’

image ripped from deeelightful > Photographed by Napoleon Habeica

Make Love, Not War

Photographer: Steven Meisel
Vogue Italia September 2007
Models: Agyness Deyn, Missy Rayder, Caroline Trentini, Raquel Zimmermann, Julia Stegner, Daniel Pimentel, Blaine Cook, Chad Dunn, Chad White, Isaac Haldeman, Nathan Nesbitt, Oraine Barrett, Rodrigo Calazans, and Travone Hill

We Run this…


Photographed by Lee Dykxhoorn

  (from LtoR: Angel (Annieves), JB (JBienvenu), JR (JRameau/Coldice4678) >> JT After the JUMP

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<< JT (JTBachman)


Conquering Venice, Italy

Babak Radboy for Bidoun

Artist: Babak Radboy
Bidoun #08
Cover and 18 portraits for the INTERVIEW issue, from Rem Koolhaas to Homi Baba.