Hi from Greece and more updates.


So Icon_ology is in Greece, if any of our Greek readers have suggestions on artist or shows that we should check out while we are here, drop us a line! Or if anyone wants to stop by and have a beer with us, either way! Greece is BEAUTIFUL!



Honestly till 2010 comes the posting might be on the lighter side, hopefully not as bad as last week.  As for major updates for 2010, I got a lot of ideas in the works.  But the 1st will be a lot of tweaks to our layout.  Clean it up and put things in the right place.  I am giving the chance for any design conscious readers, to contact me via the /contact page and give me some tips or pointers to anything that erk you with our current layout.  Plus if any readers have any suggestions on encouraging more commenting, definitely send over your thoughts.

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