Its Official, and my Obsession…

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This is actually the 1st blog post of Iconology.  How can I sum up the site quickly?  1st of all Iconology is managed by 4 guys that have an eye for the arts, in photography, graphic design, you name it if its visual we want to know about it.  We are 1/2 of the CertifiedRANDOM team, so you can check up our bizarre/random posting on too.

At Iconology we are taking a more editorial approach to displaying artwork online.  We still will have the random blog posting but intertwined with our main focus to our collection of art images.  We are still in our infancy when it comes to features, but in the coming months you see how our vision will develop.

Above, is a current display of magazines at Colette, and yes I am obsessed with magazines, I own copy of TAR magazine (2nd on the top row, with the Julian Schnabel designed cover) which killed me on the $20 newsstand price but still worth it.  That image was snapped by Todd Selby, of (if you don’t know of his site, you definitely going have to on top of that, son.)

** So definitely bookmark this site, or add it to your bloglovin, or do whatever pleases you.

-Peace it - JR