Muse: Alice Dellal


photographed by Robert Maxwell

I came across this image while browsing the NY Times T Magazine site (check it out I like the new layout).  I definitely love how extreme her look is and how she is captured makes her punk style come off really elegant.  NY times coined her the ‘Punk Debutante’ and that is expressed well in this photograph.

She may be well heeled, but Alice Dellal is more mosh pit than posh git. ‘‘I love ’90s grunge and punk,’’ she says. Which only half explains the half-shaved mane, the nose ring, the well-worn brothel creepers and the ripped tights. For the London-based Dellal, a favorite of Vogue Paris and photographers like Nick Knight, rock and fashion are her patrimony: Uncle Mick (as in Jagger) and Uncle Mario (as in Testino) are her godfathers. ‘‘My family influences me a lot,’’ says the 21-year-old scenester. So what do her nearest and dearest think of her mowed tresses? ‘‘Some people hate it,’’ she admits, and ‘‘some people love it. It used to be a lot smaller, but it’s got bigger and bigger.’ –NY times August 2008

via T Magazine

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