Scott Schuman, THE SARTORIALIST: Interview on The Sound of Young America


Great interview by the Sartorialist himself, Scott Shuman.  I have been checking up his blog for ages, just great, and it was nice to actually hear him for a change and plus hear his views on photography and fashion.

The Sound of Young America

found via The Malcolm

The Sound of Young America

The Sartorialist

I have been meaning to write up a little excerpt on this book.  It was one of those must buys I got the week it was released.

1st if you enjoy the man’s blog, you probably should show your support.  But I know if you are a constant visitor, you have pondered on the thought on printing out a lot of his images, and posting them on your wall for inspiration.  Guess what the work is done for you here.  This is a great coffee table book the size of a standard bible.  Everything nicely printed, and you will be remind of photos you seen on his blog from the past.  Its the perfect book to just pick up and randomly pick a page to look at.

enough said.