Shameless Self Promotion


Hey, Icon_readers, art lovers, critics of culture.

We are continually spreading our reach and still growing our community.  I recently added Icon_ology on Facebook.  Below here are a lot of the networks we are currently on.  I am working hard to make Icon_ the best it can be, plus I am actively engaging in each of these networks, so these are not just pretty RSS feeds of what we already post on the site.  In comparison to a magazine, our Tumblr would be our supplemental issue that hits you with additional knowledge, a lot of net finds not found on Icon_.  On Twitter, I have been using the new Lists feature and I am searching out previous artists we have posted Twitter accounts.  Plus I am slowly following Icon_readers everyday on twitter, If you are following @theRNDM and ReTweeting our links, I assume you probably tweeting a lot of other hot links, so you are easily worth my follow and you can DM me anytime.


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After the Jump I have added some of social boxes, so you can see the Faces of Icon_:

Like always you should have big plans for the next year, I definitely have some crazy ideas incubating in my head for Icon_.  You can always talk to us via the Contact Page and send us links to cool things you find or the amazing work you and your friends make.

note: This will currently only make you a friend of Icon_ and sadly will not automatically add Icon_'s feed to your Google:Reader.
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