Cartographic View of Humanity by Ed Fairburn

Summer Lethargy by Burak Ata

Black and White Series by Alexandre Bordereau

Spirit Within The Animal by Amy Hamilton

Cold Blood by Yagiz Su

Desperate Housewife by Richard Bernardin

Photographer: Richard Bernardin

Model: Dajana Antic

Dress To Kill Magazine

Closing Time, Short Film by Brian De Vore

12 min.

A romantic short set in the rainy streets of Amsterdam. Starring Pepijn Schoneveld and Loek Beernink

Written and directed by Brian De Vore


India by Nick Tucker

Saroyan's Ghost by Matt Black

Photographer: Matt Black

"Author William Saroyan produced hundreds of short stories, plays, novels and memoirs during his lifetime, many of which drew heavily on his boyhood in the Central California town of Fresno. Today, little remains of the thriving immigrant neighborhood where Saroyan grew up, once known as “Armenian Town.” One now has to look harder for the moments of poignancy, rightful defiance, or childish wonder that Saroyan captured so convincingly in his works."